Each of the SA Tomorrow sub-area plans was developed with regular input and participation from local residents, business owners, property owners, institutional representatives, and other key partners and stakeholders. In addition, a formal Planning Team was created for each sub-area that provided more frequent, in-depth, and consistent advice and guidance throughout the planning process. The composition of the Planning Team for each area is drawn from the representatives and stakeholders described above, and varies depending on the existing uses, assets, challenges and opportunities associated with each area. The list of planning team members above does not include alternate representatives who filled in for those above when they were unable to attend meetings. The participation of alternate representatives is greatly appreciated.

Alicia Campbell


Christina Castano


Myrtha Castillo

Blue Rock Springs

Linda Cavazos

East Central ISD

Chris Dawkins

Bexar/East San Antonio Texas (B.E.S.T.)

Edward Fears

Pasadena Heights

Isabel Fears

Pasadena Heights

Allan Houck

Foster Meadows

Bea Imkin

Jupe Manor

Mary Kilgore

Blue Rock Springs

Mattie Kinard

Comanche Community

Dan Martinez

East San Antonio Crime Coalition

Jose Martinez

Highland Park

Yulanee McKnight

Pecan Valley

Jim McNamara

Bexar/East San Antonio Texas (B.E.S.T.)

Sara Mendiola


Dr. D. Anthony Miles

Miles Development Industries Corporation

Toni Moorhouse

Pecan Valley

Tonya Ollerbidez

The Smokehouse

Ian Palacios

Foster Meadows

Chris Quintero

Blue Rock Springs

Gregory Ripps

Highland Park

Anthony Shedrock

Holt Caterpillar

Barry Walker

San Antonio River Authority

Shepard Beamon

Project Manager

The SA Tomorrow Plan

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