To understand your ideas and preferences for the future of the Southeast Community Area Plan, we are using a variety of tools in the coming year:

  • You are invited to any of three community meetings and open houses to tell us your thoughts, meet other people from the area, and learn about other people's perspectives.
  • Meetings aren't for everyone, so we will periodically set up stations in busy places for a few hours at time where we will interact with people who can share a few minutes with us before moving on with their day. We hope to see you out in the community some day at one of these ""intercepts."
  • We will use brief surveys and post meeting materials on this webpage, and also announce meetings and intercept locations on the webpage, social media accounts, and through our email list.
  • These are in addition to all of the personal interviews, focus groups, and neighborhood meeting visits that we will do.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning from you! Thanks for taking time to learn and share your ideas on the future of your community!

Upcoming events

May 6

Southeast Community Meeting #2

Southside Lions Senior Center, 3303 Pecan Valley Drive, San Antonio, TX 78210 5:30-7:30PM Join the Planning Department at the next Southeast Community Meeting to provide your input to help establish a future vision and goals for your community.

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May 31

Southeast Community Area Plan-Questionnaire#2/Cuestionario#2

Please take a survey by May 31st to tell us your thoughts on the draft Community Vision and Goals and what areas in the Southeast Community are important to you and why. The questionnaire is available in both English and Spanish. English: Spanish:

Take the Southeast Community Questionnaire #2 here.

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