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Southeast Community Area Plan

The Southeast Community Area Plan was adopted as a component of the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan on December 15, 2022. Thank you for viewing the plan and sharing it with others.

To read a PDF of the adopted Plan, click here: Southeast Community Area Plan (2022)

A History of the Southeast Area

The history of San Antonio’s Southeast Community Area tells the story of the City’s gradual expansion, through waves of annexation, starting in the early 1900s within the original 36 square mile City limits. There are a number of neighborhoods in the Southeast Community, some that began development as early as the 1910s, as well as subdivisions that are currently being constructed. The area was originally settled by Silesian, Czech, Polish, and Belgian farmers and ranchers by the late 1800s. Previously farmland and pasture, the earliest neighborhood in the Southeast Community was the Highland Park, which was developed between 1910 and 1945. Between 1944 and 1957, the City began to expand and the Southeast Community continued to grow further eastward with the annexations of the Pasadena Heights, Comanche Community, Pecan Valley, Lower Southeast Side, and Jupe Manor neighborhoods. This extended City limits to Interstate Loop 410. In the 1980s, City limits pushed beyond Loop 410 and brought the addition of the Lakeside neighborhood, followed by the annexation of the Foster Meadows and Blue Rock Springs. The Southeast Community embodies a timeline that provides a tangible history of the City, and is full of life-long, working class residents that take great pride in the preservation and prosperity of their community.

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Project Manager

Carlos Guerra II

Senior Planner and Project Manager, San Antonio Planning Department


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